Rocket Custa is an indie game created by Roelant Cornelissen a.k.a Ennupro which you can play on your browser, phone and is available in the Chrome Store & Google Play Store.

- January 26th 2016 | Rocket Custa becomes available in the Chrome Store!
- June 4th 2016 | Rocket Custa website now live!
- June 21st 2016 | Rocket Custa in alpha on the Google Play Store
- June 24th 2016 | Rocket Custa is featured in the Chrome Store!
- July 2nd 2016 | Rocket Custa is now publicly available on the Google Play Store!
- April 20th 2020 | Performance adjustments and minor changes in the game.

Ennupro - Twitter
Ennupro - Website
Rocket Custa - Chrome Store
Rocket Custa - Google Play Store